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PCa - GENE TEST   Predictive genetic testing of prostate cancer


  • Genetic Data 11,000 cases   Genetic testing developed and validated using the one of the largest genetic data(~11,000 ind) in Asia
  • High predictive accuracy A larger number of common genetic variants compared to other predictive genetic tests
  • Polygenic Risk Score Utilizing the most optimized Polygenetic risk score for predicting disease risk *One of the MIT Technology Review’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018
  • Personalized guidelines We provide personalized guidelines for prevention of PCa based on the genetic risk and lifestyles
  • WHY

    • Prostate cancer is one of the most highly heritable cancer types. Men with family history of PCa has two-fold risk of developing PCa. Therefore, it is critical to prevent prostate cancer with genetic tests.
    • Despite about ~100% of a 5-year survival rate of early stage prostate cancer, prostate cancer often presents no clear symptoms in its early stages. With delayed detection of PCa, the survival rate decreases dramatically to <50%. Therefore, it is critical to detect PCa in the early states, especially for those with high genetic risk for PCa.
  • WHO

    • For men with concerns about prostate health
    • For men with family history of prostate cancer
    • For men with elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels
  • HOW

    Available at clinics or health check-up centers performing PCa-GENE TEST

    • Visit clinics or health check-up centers
    • Collect DNA samples
    • Analyze genetic results
    • Deliver your results and consult
  • WHAT

    1. 01 PCa-GENE TEST Report
    2. 02 PCa-GENE TEST Paper
      Best paper award at 2021 Annual Meeting of the KUA

      Prediction of clinically significant prostate cancer using polygenic risk models in Asians

      Sang Hun Song, Eunae Kim, Eunjin Woo, Eunkyung Kwon, Sungroh Yoon, Jung Kwon Kim, Hakmin Lee, Jong Jin Oh, Sangchul Lee, Jung Kyu Hong & Seok-Soo Byun

      Inverstigative and Clinical Urology 2022 Jan;63(1):42

      Polygenic risk score for tumor aggressiveness and early-onset prostate cancer in Asians

      Sang Hun Song, Eunae Kim, Yu Jin Jung, Hak-Min Kim, Moon Soo Park, Jung Kwon Kim, Hakmin Lee, Jong Jin Oh, Sangchul Lee, Sung Kyu Hong & Seok-Soo Byun

      Scientific reports 2023 Jan;13:798

    3. 03 Prostate cancer Information center

      PCa-GENE TEST is currently being serviced only in Korea. The test can be requested only from the clinic or health check-up center that provide the service, and please consult with the medical staff for the test results. The clinical significance of the test results has not been established for this test, and the objective validity of the usefulness of the health-related actions that follow is still lacking